F.P. Westwood Teacher’s Creativity Nationally Recognized

Fort Pierce Westwood High School would like to recognize and celebrate one of our teachers, Mr. James Norcia. Mr. Norcia created a motivation plan known as the “The Raceway Contest” which has made its way onto the Reading Plus© Training Site – Creating Motivation Plans.  Mr. Norcia developed this plan last spring during our initial implementation of the Reading Plus© program. This extrinsic motivation plan celebrates the student’s individual and class success within the Reading Plus© program as they improve their reading comprehension skills.

“The Raceway Contest” had every class choose a car and then each class was able to earn “laps” around the raceway by achieving weekly goals.  The class with the most laps earned each week received a prize.  Individual students were also entered in to a weekly “winners circle.”  Student class prizes changed regularly to promote the three important reader motivations of interest, dedication, and confidence.

Mr. Norcia has been supporting and motivating students at Westwood for the past seven years. Please join us in congratulating him for having his work incorporated in this training site. #fpwpantherpride