F. K. Sweet students publish book and donate proceeds to help turtles

Students in Nardi Routten’s fourth grade class at F.K. Sweet Elementary School presented a check for over $500 to the mosquito control and marine and coastal management services to buy a sensor machine to help track sea turtles at the February 14, 2012 St. Lucie County School Board meeting.  The students had entered into the Disney Planet Challenge. The local environmental issue they focused on was the restoration of marine habitats with a focus on sea turtles. Their activities included beach clean-ups, planting and measuring various species of mangroves, seining and water testing. The students also wrote a book about two baby sea turtles struggling to get back to their ocean home. Their story is based on research about specific species of sea turtles. The books have been selling for $5-$6 each, and  proceeds from the sale of the books were represented by the mock check. Pictured, behind the students in the back row, from left, are F. K. Sweet Elementary principal Juanita Wright and assistant principal Kisha Bellande-Hinds, County Commissioner Tod Mowery, Mosquito Control Coordinator John Tucker, Deputy Superintendent Sandy Wolfe, and School Board chairman Carol Hilson.