Eagle Scout Project Directly Impacts Students At Mosaic Digital Academy!

Congratulations to Adam Morgan (11th Grader) at Mosaic Digital Academy for earning the prestigious Eagle Scout accomplishment! As a full time public virtual school student, Adam served on Mosaic Digital Academy’s School Advisory Council and kept up with his online courses as well as his dual enrollment coursework. Serving on the School Advisory Council provided Adam with a keen understanding of not only the successes of our school program, but he also came to know some of the struggles students sometimes experience when separated from their peers as they school from home. Knowing that students at Mosaic Digital Academy can attend live classes on campus, Adam got to thinking that maybe his Eagle Scout project could bring his classmates together to make them feel less isolated. Adam approached Principal Ziemba after a School Advisory Council meeting in March 2019 and asked what kind of project ideas she might have that could positively impact the student body at Mosaic Digital Academy. After much brainstorming, Principal Ziemba and Adam Morgan settled on a set of hands-on experiences that students would engage in while on campus. These hands-on experiences are organized in 25 “Project boxes” and are intended for students of all ages and designed to encourage students to build, experiment, and collaborate as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering. On November 4, 2019,  Adam presented Principal Ziemba with the 25 Project boxes and introduced students to the projects. The response to the project boxes was super positive and students look forward to more opportunities to come together to enjoy the hands-on experiences with their peers. Adam Morgan was recognized at the December 10th School Board Meeting and presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from Principal Ziemba. Thank you, Adam Morgan, for choosing to give back to your school and for making such a big impact in your community through your Eagle Scout Project!!

Author: Jeanne Ziemba

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