Dillard Addresses Upward Mobility Group at Allapattah Flats

By Renee Adderly-Clark


On Friday, April 21, Allapattah Flats welcomed motivation speaker and author Joseph Dillard of the Speakers Bureau.  Mr. Dillard has a passion for reaching young people with a message of realizing that the battle is “ME VS. ME”!


From birth until now, there are many factors in our lives that we cannot control.  For example, you cannot control the environment into which you are born.  Some of us feel deep down inside that our present situations are not the best.  Is that the underlying reason that you chose to disrespect your teachers, administrators, and others around you?


Mr. Dillard really broke the ice as he delved into his personal testimony and shared the following and more:  “I do what I do, because I was left behind, I was forgotten about.  I was empty and void of love and understanding what life was all about.  I was hurting, but the cry was silent.”   By this time, the students sat in awe! Mr. Dillard continued sharing some of his past that unfortunately left him with many obstacles to overcome.  He then explained that his choice of making a meaningful connection with his creator is the reason why he has overcome many obstacles and has learned how to use wisdom to address all others.


Mr. Dillard concluded with the following:  “Have purpose and vision in your life concerning all things, especially your education.  You pay for every decision you make, so love yourself enough to make good ones.  All things are learnable, so learn.  Know what you want, why you want it, and spend the rest of your life going to get it!”  Thus, the battle of ME VS. ME!






Author: Lydia Martin

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