Digital Innovation Awarded to PSLHS

St. Lucie Public High Schools were offered a challenge to leverage the creativity and ingenuity of their students to create a 2-3 minute site-specific showcase video to promote the quality programs and opportunities students are afforded.

Digital Design/Digital Media/TV Production classes were ideal go-to’s for this project which included the following broad guidelines:

  • Accuracy of Content
  • Creativity of Presentation
  • Adherence to a 2 – 3 minute time frame
  • Innovative use of digital media
  • Qualities to engage audience

All area high schools participated and after reviewing that creative genius of all entries, it was announced that PSLHS was selected as the Digital Innovation Challenge winner. Mr. Bryan Smith, TV Production Instructor, proudly facilitates the students to whom he attributes full credit for the production of this video.

This as well as the other videos will be posted on school-based web sites as tools for our community to Take a Closer Look into St. Lucie Public Schools.  Middle, K8, and elementary school sites will have support over the coming months to produce similar showcase videos.

Author: Lydia Martin

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