Congratulations to Project Citizen Teams!

St. Lucie Public Schools congratulates teams from Lincoln Park Academy, Manatee Academy, and West Gate K8.¬† Each school’s Project Citizen entry advanced to the state primary competition, and teams were invited to participate in the state finals of Project Citizen.

Through the use of technology, students were able to virtually present to the judges in north Miami.

The following projects competed:

Lincoln Park Academy –¬†Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Fresh Food

The students want to bring attention to the lack of fresh food stores in the Lincoln Park area of Fort Pierce and proposed ways to incentivize¬†stores or food trucks to bring fresh foods to these “food deserts.”

Teacher: Alaina Moise

2nd Place – Oral Hearing


Manatee Academy – Drop the Weight

The students investigated the average weight of backpacks that the students carry on a daily basis and proposed alternatives such as lockers and electronic devices.

Teacher: Megan Shaver


Westgate K-8 – Let’s Give Attention to Suicide Prevention

The students felt that knowledge should be brought forth to both students and teachers about the warning signs of depression through a required training and recurring professional development program.

Teacher: Lauren Kappler

2nd Place – Portfolio