Congratulations to Our Young Floridians

Young FloridiansYoung Floridian Scholarship Program

The 2016 Young Floridian Scholarship Awards Program is a joint commitment between the educational and business communities of SLC in recognition of outstanding high school seniors and their volunteer efforts.

Academic Excellence: Natalia Cordeiro (LPA)

Art: Rachael Howard (LPA)

Athletics: Jeffrey Gerlica (LPA)

Career and Technology: Anson Rivera (PSLHS)

Computer Sci/Engineering and Architecture: Joshua Hulka (TCHS)

Drama: Claudia Reyes (LPA)

Foreign Language: Esther Artica (TCHS)

Human Services: Bianca Espineira (TCHS)

Journalism/Communication: Jaycie Wegner (PSLHS)

Language Arts: Kendell Spurr (PSLHS)

Mathematics: Valania Torres (FPCHS)

Music: Deoctavius Evans (TCHS)

Science: Koushal Rao (LPA)

Social Studies: Alexandra Artiles (TCHS)

Author: Lydia Martin

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