Fort Pierce Central High School Dual Enrollment students participated in a fieldtrip championed by Instructor Robert Ott to Indian River State College. Once on the college campus, Katie Williams and her staff provided valuable information including library instruction and academic services for students.

The next generation class was treated to an impromptu and greatly appreciated visit by the president of  Indian River State College Dr. Edwin Massey who took the time to visit with the group and share comments about the value of an education along with the benefits of a guided pathway.


A Deeper Dive into the Fieldtrip:

The librarian staff added benefit to the overall experience while exceeding expectations for all members involved. The main objective of the library instruction was to show the students how to write a research paper by accessing digital journals and the ordering of books not available on the library shelf. The librarians also explained the relevance of a peer-reviewed article for scholarly purposes and the reasons why information on the Internet that is not peer-reviewed should not be used.

Afterwards, the students transitioned to Academic Services which included access to the labs and awareness of available tutorials. The students learned the value of asking for help sooner than later.