Cobras Feast with Lake Forest Park Residents

The Thanksgiving Feast is an annual event sponsored by Fort Pierce Central High School JROTC battalion and the Fort Pierce Central Culinary Program students that allows the students to meet and have a meal with the residents of the Lake Forest Park senior living home. This year, the Cobra Battalion cadets also partnered with the Fort Pierce Central High School Student Government Association and Fort Pierce Central High School Chorus students to provide the seniors with an even greater event than last year. Before starting the feast, Dr. Bugaki, a Lake Forest Park resident and World War II Navy veteran, talked to the students about his life in the military and public service and gave words of wisdom for a successful life. Following the talk, the students greeted and served the other residents attending the event. The chorus sang a few songs for the residents and the Cadets and Samuel Gaines Academy (SGA) students served the excellent lunch prepared by the award winning Cobra Culinary Program. Cadets and SGA students dined with the Lake Forest Park residents and had friendly conversations. The chorus closed the event with another great Christmas song that warmed the hearts of the all of the guests.

Cadet Captain Trevor Alexander, Cobra Battalion Public Affairs Officer

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