Chess Night at Mariposa Elementary!

Second and Third Grade students at Mariposa Elementary challenged their families and friends to chess this week! Students came to school dressed up as chess pieces, ready to teach their families how each piece moves. Families enjoyed some chess poems and a brief explanation of how to play. Then students challenged their peers and relatives to a game of chess! This family game night was made possible through a grant called “First Move,” which teaches students to play chess through online videos, computer games, and weekly chess practice. Students spend 45 minutes each week learning chess strategies and skills. Chess costumes were created by Alicia Swink, second grade teacher at Mariposa Elementary. Students were all smiles as they showed off their chess skills! The students dressed as chess pieces in the picture are: Brianna Locklar, Bryce Myers, Sydnee Rubenstien, Riley O’Dowd, Monroe Thiery and Joseph Locklar.