Celebrate Academic Awards

May was a banner month for student participation in State and international competitions, and the District is proud to celebrate students’ accomplishments.

Project Citizen

Students in 7th grade classrooms in St. Lucie County have a unique opportunity to learn how our government works in their Civics classrooms. Each year they identify a local or State issue, research the levels of government needed to be influenced, the positives and negatives of possible solutions, and ultimately create an action plan. Students learn about public policy and the interaction of citizens and the government through their research.

This year, 18 schools participated at the District Showcase in January and three projects were sent to the first round of the State competition. Their research was displayed in the Capitol Building where Florida law makers has the opportunity to view each project. All three groups from St. Lucie were invited to compete in the State finals held in Palm Beach Gardens in May. The judges’ feedback was very positive and each group was commended on their passion, poise, and preparation.

Lincoln Park Academy

Yegor Bushnev

Mathew Mathew

Sam Chellis

Caleb Chellis

Drew Gale

Manatee Academy

Lennis McLean

Josalene Sanchez

Vivian Lugo

Mackenzie Selimi

Dylan Fox-Carter

Nader Abunaser

Mikabelle Joseph

Bianca Cortamilia

Samuel Gaines Academy

Analyesse Stockton

Tamya Miller

Nancy Charles

Baille Falzone

Andre Mcfarlane

Jaryxa Heredia

History Day

Each year students in 6th, 8th, 10th, and 11th grade research historical topics under an annual theme. This year’s theme was Taking a Stand in History. Students were able to showcase their work in 5 categories: Exhibit, Documentary, Website, Performance, or Research Paper. The District Fair was held in January, and 21 school participated with a total of 259 students.

The State History Day competition was held at Tallahassee Community College on May 8th. Over one thousand students competed with over 650 entries. Of those, 45 students with 30 entries were from St. Lucie County.

“Angel” Vo from Port St. Lucie High School was awarded the Florida Heritage Award and the Outstanding County Award for her website on the environmentalist Marjorie Harris Carr and her stand against the cross-Florida barge canal.

The students who attended the State History Day competition are already thinking of next year’s theme which is Conflict and Compromise in History.


Cathia Oge

Mya Forestal

Samuel Porter


Wilner Joseph

Zaine Parlor

Tru Rotolo

Elize Starr


Matthew Pinto

Brandon Quijada

Brianne Yates

Palm Pointe

Delaney Cassidy

Jackson Martin

Joshua Rios

Taylor Milton

Summer Melrose

Grace Lloyd

Gabriella Lawrence

Ashley Tucker

Zandry Epan-Ramos


Andre Fernandez

Isa Alvarez

Maysen Jackson

(Thuytran) “Angel” Vo

Jamal Paul

Q’Markis Brooks

Jelisa Hines


John Melvin

Alyssa Bischof

Jessica Hunt

Kayla Permann

Rania Khawaja


Victor Silva


Grace Welby

Mariana Solanilla

Taylor Mealing

Hailey Mangio

State and International Science Fairs

Based on the project selection criteria from the Regional Fair, top-ranking students were selected to advance to the State Fair.  Escorted by their chaperones, they ventured from St. Lucie County to Lakeland for the three-day event.  Once there, they had the opportunity for their projects to be judged, to network with others, to engage in inquiry and problem solving, and to glean ideas for future exploration.

Haniya Shareef, a senior at Lincoln Park Academy, is no stranger to innovation as her ratings at this year’s State Science and Engineering STEM Fair and Competition prove.  Her individual project, “Molecular Characterization and Enhanced Efficacy of a Novel Host-Specified Bioherbicide Candidate for Cyperus Rotundus T,” entered in the Plant Sciences Category was awarded First Place and the Division Grand Award.  In addition, Shareef was one of only eight students throughout the entire state of Florida whose project was selected as Best in Show.  The other St. Lucie County students participating in the State Fair also returned to the District laden with accolades for their ingenuity and creativity.

Of the 14 participating St. Lucie County students, 13 walked across the stage to receive special awards, categorical place recognition awards, or placement awards.  Congratulations to:

Haniya Shareef, Lincoln Park Academy (Senior Division)


Plant Sciences

“Molecular Characterization and Enhanced Efficacy of a Novel Host-Specified Bioherbicide Candidate for Cyperus Rotundus”

First Place, Division Grand Award, Best in Show (1 of 8 to receive this distinction)

Special Awards: Scholarship, New College of Florida; Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services Award; Society for In Vitro Biology Certificate

Catherine Horger, Lincoln Park Academy (Senior Division)


Cellular/Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

“The Effect of Indole-3-Acetic Production by Lactobacillus Acidophilus”

Second Place

Shreya Reddy, Lincoln Park Academy (Senior Division)



“Improving Health of Beneficial Insects through Ingestion of Nonpathogenic Indovirus”

Third Place

Riley Hogge and Alexis Moreira, Fort Pierce Westwood High School (Senior Division)


Physics & Astronomy

“Catching Waves”

Fourth Place

Sreya Banik, Lincoln Park Academy (Senior Division)


Mathematical & Computational

“Application of Chaos Game Representation of Genes to Measure the Predictability Using Random DNA Sequences to Determine if the Sequence is of Kinase of Phosphatase Protein”

Honorable Mention

Jillian Markle, Lincoln Park Academy (Senior Division)


Earth and Environment

“Ugh! Another Invasive Weevil in Florida”


Special Award: Florida Association of Science Supervisors Award

Callie Zheng, Lincoln Park Academy, (Senior Division)


Cellular/Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

“Can Human Fecal Specific Primers Be Used to Detect Fecal Contamination in Sediment and Muck Samples?”


Special Award: Tomolka Regional Science and Engineering Fair Award

Jack Krasulak, St. Andrews (Junior Division)



“Mitigating the Effects of IED Explosion Through Novel Hull Design”

First Place, Division Grand Award

Special Awards: Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Service Florida Engineering Foundation Award, Collier Regional Science and Engineering Fair Award, ASM Materials Foundation Certificate, Broadcom Masters Award, US Navy Science Award

*Best In Fair Award at the Star Science Fair

Riley Hamilton, Olivet (Junior Division)


Physics and Astronomy

“Testing Fluids for Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning”

Third Place, Division Grand Award

Conner O’Sullivan, Forest Grove Middle School (Junior Division)


Earth & Environmental

“Recharge, Repower, and Restore Energy”

Fourth Place

Asha Budhai, Oak Hammock K-8 School (Junior Division)


Behavioral Social Sciences

“Drop the Pressure”

Honorable Mention

Mason Kozac, Lincoln Park Academy (Junior Division)


Plant Sciences

“Savanna Mint”


International Science Fair: Haniya Shareef  and Shreya Reddy

At the International Science Fair, Haniya Shareef was awarded 4th place for her project, and Shreya Reddy also made a positive presentation to the international judges in Los Angeles at this prestigious gathering of genius from around the world.





Author: Lydia Martin

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