CAST Students Win Peacock Arts District Banner Contest

After much anticipation and excitement, the Peacock Arts District team selected the winning artwork for the “PAD Banner Contest” which is displayed throughout the Peacock Arts District in downtown Ft. Pierce. Over 100 entries were received from all ages sharing their own unique design for the PAD.  The contest highlighted the incredible talent in our community, including young aspiring artists from our public schools. Out of 14 elementary and middle school finalists, ten were CAST students.

Winners of the 2019 PAD Banner Contest:
Amaya Cordero
Ben Shahan
Brian Nava
Caren Akers
Chris Allison
Darly Mersier
Emily Giron Ortiz
Marquis Fields Jr
Megan Dirsa-DuBois
Naomi Kazama
Ravendra Samaroo
Roxane Gibbons
Samara Castor