Career & Technical Education Entrepreneurship Showcase

Students from St. Lucie Public Schools’ (SLPS) Career & Technical Education programs showcased their business ideas during the Entrepreneurship Showcase held at the district office.  During this event, students presented their entrepreneurship business plans, food truck business concepts, and more to our panel of judges.  This event is a direct connection to the grant awarded to SLPS’ Career & Technical Education (CTE) department.  The CTE team applied for a grant from the Florida Department of Education and was awarded funds to support CTE teachers and students in the classroom to promote entrepreneurship.  Students are now connected with industry partners, Junior Achievement, and other business partners as a direct result of the EET Grant.  Special recognition to Chef Jesse Strell (Fort Pierce Central High School), Mrs. Cindy Swertfager (Fort Pierce Central High School), and Ms. Maggie Choppa (Treasure Coast High School) and their students.

Thank you to our judges and business partners: Strather Dupree (Indian River State College), Chris Russo (The Howling Rooster), Sarah Kirk (Texas Roadhouse), and Rick Kirk (Texas Roadhouse).

We would also like to thank our sponsors for providing gifts to participating students: Texas Roadhouse and Bonefish Macs.



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