Career & Technical Education Entrepreneurship Mentors, #CTEmonth

Career & Technical Education (CTE) teacher, Mrs. Jasmine Shepherd, lead teacher for the Sports, Recreation & Marketing program at Port St. Lucie High School, is strengthening her students’ connection to community and business experts. Mrs. Lisa Cobb (Executive Director – Youth Empowered to Prosper) and Mr. Jordan Harold (Founder & Entrepreneur of Black Chain, a bitcoin company) were guest speakers for Mrs. Shepherd’s students and are now serving as mentors.  Later this month, Mrs. Sheena Heppern of REAS Marketing, will be a guest speaker. Mrs. Shepherd’s students are preparing for the CTE Entrepreneurship Showcase coming up in April 2024.  The CTE office has worked diligently to ensure mentorship is available to all CTE teachers and students participating in this year’s showcase.

Thank you to Mrs. Cobb (SLPS Business Alliance), Mr. Harold and Mrs. Heppern for giving back and working with our St. Lucie Public School students.



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