Career and Reality Fair at WGK8

West Gate K-8 students learned about various high school Career and Technical Education programs from across the SLPS District through their Career and Reality Fair.  Students and instructors from Criminal Justice, Allied Health, Agritechnology, and Biomedical programs provided students with hand-on demonstrations. In addition, they provided information about curriculum. Bill Wilcox from Phoenix Medals spoke to students about the manufacturing industry and its continued growth potential.

As part of the Fair, students were challenged to create monthly budgets without overspending. Each student was provided a salary based upon his or her current GPA.  This income was a realistic representation of what an individual might expect to earn during the first five years after graduating and moving into a career.  Students were also assigned a monthly student loan payment, a credit score, and a credit limit.  To personalize the experience, each student was assigned a career in the field of his or her interest.