Blessing Bags Donated to Salvation Army from Palm Pointe

This year Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition decided to make Blessing Bags and partnered with the Salvation Army of St. Lucie County to help the homeless in the community. This project was part of “Kindness Week” which was from January 6 -13, 2017 in conjunction with other activities planned  for Martin Luther King Jr.    Palm Pointe asked families to fill gallon ziploc bags with items people need on a daily basis.  Some items that were included in the bags were: bottled water, hand sanitizer, toothbush/toothpaste, tissues, soap, deodorant, shampoo (trial size), comb, chapstick, snacks, canned soups with pop tops, etc.

Our goal this year was to donate 500 Blessing Bags to this organization.  Families at Palm Pointe far exceeded this goal by generously donating over 1000 bags. Palm Pointe presented Blessing Bags to Captain Maria Hernandez from the Salvation Army of St. Lucie County to be used for people in the community who are in need.  A huge thank you to all the families at Palm Pointe who helped with this worthy cause.

Pictured from left: Mrs. Rachel Koenig (Assistant Principal), Mr. John Keelor (Assistant Principal), Mrs. Kathleen Perez (Principal), Captain Maria Hernandez from the Salvation Army, Mrs. Debborah Estrada (Dean), Mrs. B-J Farrell (Dean’s Clerk) and Athresha Kalluri, president of N.J.H.S.