Bayshore’s Odyssey of the Mind Team Places Second

Bayshore Elementary’s Odyssey of the Mind Team competed on Saturday, February 25, and received 2nd place!

The team created a humorous story about a family that brings home an “Odd-a-Bot.” Instead of being programmed to perform tasks, this Odd-a-Bot robot learned from watching others. The team designed an original robot character that demonstrated human characteristics when performing tasks. In the performance, the Odd-a-Bot character moved and learned human actions from watching characters perform activities such as household chores, singing, and dancing. The Odd-a-Bot learned more than it was expected to learn, and confused its actions with humorous results. The team was coached by fifth grade teachers Megan Krinsky and Heather Cruz, and the team included 5th grade students Isabella, Rachel, Adrianna, Juliana, Samantha, Benny, and Lukas.

Congratulations to Bayshore’s Odyssey of the Mind Team!