CAST First Grader Wins Poster Contest

Congratulations to CAST first grader, Gianna Grasso, for winning the annual “Drop Savers” Poster contest. April is Water Conservation Month and Port St. Lucie Utilities Systems invited St. Lucie County K-12 students to participate in the 5th annual 2021 Drop Savers Water Conservation Poster Contest. The purpose of the contest is to raise awareness as well as educate young people on the importance of saving water. Only one student was selected from each grade and Gianna won! We celebrated her on the CAST morning announcements.

CAST’s Facebook Live on Habit 2

CAST’s Leadership League went live on Facebook to teach families about Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. Teachers at CAST teach our students to have a plan and set goals for the day so they can be successful. All of our video presentations on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People can be found on our CAST K-8 YouTube Channel; be sure to check it out!  

CAST Life-Size Line Plots

Students in Mrs. Roti’s third grade classroom practice reading and interpreting line plots by making a life-size version with their classmates. They were able to solve one and two step problems and draw conclusions from the family data recorded in their interactive notebooks.  

CAST’s Facebook Live on Habit 1

Habit 1: Be Proactive! This is a part of the Leader in Me program, a pillar at CAST. We celebrated Spring Break right around the corner by discussing how our families can be in charge of their brain and heart!

CAST Spring Show Practice

CAST fifth graders in Dr. Irwin’s music class put on a rehearsal concert for kindergarten, first and second graders as they practice for their upcoming spring show. They performed “Fiesta,” “Crunchy, Crunchy, Crunchy” and “Party Rock Anthem.” We can’t wait to see them perform again!

CAST & UF Virtual Nutrition Partnership

CAST kindergarten and first grade students attended a virtual presentation put on by UF’s Family Nutrition Program. The presentation was part of 6-week series focused on handwashing, healthy eating, and gardening. These lessons are a great complement to our own gardening outside!


During CAST’s monthly Stop & STEAM event, we had many great collaborative activities! Kindergarten constructed a fence to keep Peter Rabbit out of Mr. MacGregor’s garden and first grade designed their own dot after reading “The Dot.” Eighth grade observed sunspots and identified critical information about the sun.

CAST Celebrates the Medal of Honor

Ms. Edwards’ eighth graders in her US History class, learned about the Medal of Honor. Students worked in groups to learn about the Six Core Values of the Medal of Honor and how they are used in everyday life. Students then broke off into pairs, to create mini-skits and scenarios where one of the six core values are used in school. MySchool and in-person kindergarteners and first graders at CAST learned about the Medal of Honor and discussed all the ways we can be a good citizen at school and at home. Students read a variety of literature stories and … Read More

We are Lucky at CAST!

CAST’s Culture Crew wanted to show the teachers, staff and students at our amazing school just how lucky we are to have them! We had a rainbow-filled spirit week which ended in a snack cart delivering special snacks before spring break!

Virtual Buddy Reading at CAST

Kindergarteners and first graders in Mrs. Roberts’ class paired up virtually with students at Dale Cassens to buddy read Dr. Seuss books. Students met up using TEAMS. At CAST, we foster our love for reading early!

Sunny Band Practice at CAST

Seventh and eighth graders in Mr. Tobias’ Band class took advantage of the beautiful Saint Lucie weather to practice for their upcoming performance outside. We can’t wait to hear them on performance day! They sounded great!  

Watercolor Science Models at CAST

CAST sixth grade students in Mrs. Albers’ science class learned about the structures and functions of major organelles of plants and animal cells. Students created a 2D model of a cell using watercolor techniques to illustrate and identify the similarities and differences found within the animal and plant cells.

CAST Integrates Science and Art

CAST seventh grade students in Mrs. Cruz’s science class learned about genes and how they store heredity information. Students drew and designed Punnett Square diagrams. They completed an interactive Heredity web quest, integrating visual arts, technology and science.

CAST Middle Schoolers Swing Art and Science Together

Middle School students in Mr. Cruz’s Visual Arts class constructed a wooden tripod suspending a plastic bottle holding paint; students were adjusting the nozzle, consistency of the paint, and momentum of the pendulum swing to create elliptical patterns. We can’t wait to see the finished products!

CAST Collaborates with a Courtyard Concert

Elementary music and dance classes at CAST collaborated together to put on an outstanding practice performance! Dr. Irwin’s third, fourth and fifth-grade music students played instruments while Mrs. Murphy’s 5th-grade dancers moved along to the rhythm. They invited kindergarten, first, and second graders for an outside rehearsal concert. t.

CAST Kindergarteners Meet their Goals

Kindergarten students at CAST met their WIG – or Widely Important Goal! Students set the goal of “walking in a straight, quiet line with no playing and eyes forward” for six weeks. They tracked their data and reflected when they did and didn’t meet their goal each week. WIGs are part of the Leader in Me program, the leadership program implemented at CAST to create well-rounded and effective leaders.

CAST Celebrates Gratitude

  CAST teachers and staff, with help from the Leader in Me’s Culture Crew on campus, designated a spot in the main office to recognize all the things they are grateful for. During these uncertain times,  CAST wanted to focus on the good they have in their lives to help move them forward. The board is ever-changing and growing as teachers continue to add what they are thankful for! Modeling gratitude for  students is an example of being a leader and using Habit 1: Be Proactive!

CAST First Graders Reach for the Stars

First graders in Ms. Smith’s class designed and constructed their own constellations as a culminating Stop & STEAM event after their unit of learning about the sky, sun, moon and stars. Students enjoyed tasting their starry creations too!  

CAST Kindergarteners Dance to Rainbow Fish

Kindergarteners at CAST listened to the story “The Rainbow Fish” and then completed a story map together to find the characters, setting, and major events. Then students listened to Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals and used their bodies to express the story. They stretched their arms wide like the starfish and wiggled fast like Rainbow Fish. This story also helped students think win-win!

CAST Studios Perfects Writing

CAST sixth and seventh graders in Mr. Reiher’s Media Arts class worked on their technical writing skills. They are working on crafting the structure of a segment – the introduction, story, conclusion, and sign-off. They are also practicing how to use punctuation to control their breathing while reading, perfecting penmanship, and defining and using vocabulary words in a unique sentence. All of these skills aid in the production of our amazing CAST Studios morning announcements.