Rockin’ Red Riding Hood at White City Elementary

White City Elementary students enjoyed a dramatic production of Rockin’ Red Riding Hood.  Students made connections between the stage presentation and the traditional story version.  Students had a rockin’ good time as they compared point of view, themes, and the pattern of events.  

Black History Hall of Fame at White City Elementary

The students of White City Elementary have created a Black History Hall of Fame which celebrates the accomplishments of African Americans. Students are learning about the contributions of influential African Americans.  Classes are conducting research and discovering the accomplishments of historical figures.     

Guest Reader Day at White City Elementary

Guest Reader Day at White City Elementary was a great success.  Community Members read Have You Filled a Bucket Today by Carol McCloud.  Students enjoyed the heartwarming book which encourages positive behavior through kindness, appreciation, and friendship.     

Student-led Conferences at White City Elementary

All White City Elementary families were invited to participate in student-led conference night.  Students shared their academic goals, assignments, and discussed their overall progress with their families. White City Wildcats are held accountable for their own learning.

Pumpkin Patch – WCE

Students from White City Elementary in Mrs. Buescher’s kindergarten class were able to observe various types of pumpkins and gourds.  Miss Kitty read them a story and students were able to tell the events that happened in the correct order.  She then cut a pumpkin open and the students could explore the inside.  The students were able to understand the properties of matter and categorize the pumpkin using their five senses.  Each student brought a pumpkin home.  

White City Elementary Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

At White City Elementary classes researched and created display boards highlighting key facts about their country. Students were able to compare and contrast information as they conducted research using print and digital sources to extend their learning.    

Bookaneer! at WCE

All White City Elementary parents and students were invited to book fair night.  Students enjoyed shopping, selecting popular titles, and searching for Sunshine Readers.        

Captain Wattage Visits White City Elementary

Students had the opportunity to engage in the Captain Wattage performance.  Students learned about energy and electricity.  Students also learned about the uses of energy, ways energy is wasted, and how to conserve energy.  

Dads Take Your Child to School Day

White City Elementary celebrates “Dad Take your Child to School Day” as we welcomed over 100 dads.  Dads ate breakfast with their child, visited classrooms, and followed morning routines.  Then Dads were able to meet in the Media Center to gather information on the White City Elementary sight words expectations, I-Ready, and sign their Dad’s Pledge.