Bayshore is Ready for the FSA!

Bayshore’s FSA pep rally was a success! Thank you teachers and staff for pouring into our students each and everyday. We’ve got this! Our village will be victorious. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork To view our FSA incentive and parts of our pep rally, visit this link:

Bayshore Jaguars Showing Kindness Matters

Mrs. Percy’s students created an interactive Kindness Wall with her 1st and 5th graders in hopes to spread more kindness! This interactive wall helps students to remember kind words or demonstrating kind actions. Mrs. Percy has taught her students the difference between kind and nice. Students created a Circle Map to brainstorm ways to show kindness and then watched a video to expound on details. Students reflect weekly to identify one act of kindness (verbal/action) they have demonstrated. Each week, they are given a post-it note(s) to add to our Kindness Board. Our goal is to fill in all the … Read More

Bayshore Students Enjoy the iReady Carnival

Students had a blast at the iReady Carnival. They enjoyed a 22-foot slide, an obstacle course, a bounce house, a basketball inflatable, a dunk tank, and a cold drink and ice pop. Students were required to earn 50 percent of their iReady goal that is calibrated to their individual diagnostic gain based on their first and second diagnostic, NOT their current grade level related. iReady sets an individual customized goal giving every student an equal opportunity to meet their 50 percent goal. Thank you to our wonderful staff for their support in supervising students. We would like to give a … Read More