Atlantic Coast High School Rifle Meet

On Saturday December 15, 2018, Port St. Lucie High School’s Army JROTC Jaguar Battalion Marksmanship Team attended their first rifle competition of the season at Atlantic Community High School. We competed against eight other schools with 63 total participants. Cadets who competed were Cadet Private Emma Lewiston who ranked 24th, Cadet Private Riley Riaccard who ranked 27th, Cadet Major Joleen Kalinowski who ranked 20th, Cadet Corporal Mackenzie Moad who ranked 39th, Cadet Captain Mathew Simmons who ranked 22nd, Cadet Sergeant First Class Edward Cook who ranked 17th, Cadet Private Austin Griffin who ranked 34th, Cadet Master Sergeant Max Marrero who ranked 35th, and Cadet Private Harold Radenheimer who ranked 45th.

Both Jaguar teams competed at 7:30am starting with prone, then standing, and lastly kneeling positions. They all enjoyed their first experience at the meet.

This article was written by Cadet Captain Alexis Morris and photography was taken by Cadet Sergeant Joseph Locklar.