Second Lieutenant, Army Ranger, Xiovani Guanill dedicated his 53rd parachute jump to NPK* students. Xiovani attended school at Northport and graduated from our Landsharks team. He was just a regular funny kid with a sarcastic and witty sense of humor. Xiovani Guanill wanted in some way to make his parents proud because he grew up with his mom in a wheelchair. He floated around a little then joined the United States Army. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He even visited Northport children one time and his helmet still had Iraqi sand in it. He pushed and trained and persevered in the face of many dangers. Today, Xiovani is an officer and an Army Ranger who has been all over the world. He wants to make sure that the children understand that it was hard work and perseverance that enabled him to accomplish his goals. JUMP #53 to the children of Northport…. OORAH! Much love and thanks to Xiovani for being a great role model.