The STAR program’s focus is to recognize employees for their behaviors, skills and actions that correlate with the District’s vision and acknowledge those that exemplify its core values.

Appreciation for benevolence goes to a team at West Gate K-8 and Treasure Coast High:

Kirstin Bowman

Samantha Bowman

Esther Guzman

Elyse Kirkaldy

It was over the winter holiday that a family experienced great need.  As part of the West Gate K-8 family, staff members had been taking close care of children by providing clean clothes and other necessity items for several months. Unfortunately, some unforeseen circumstances resulted in a temporary removal from their home.  Working in conjunction with the appropriate agencies, staff members stepped forward as emergency placement was sought. They opened their homes to the children so their holiday would not be spent in a shelter.   Quick action garnered additional support from the West Gate K-8 family to provide a lifetime holiday memory for the children.

The school continues to work and collaborate with the children’s current caregiver to provide support.

This is a testament to the staff’s caring nature and the willingness to go above and beyond.

In a similar channel of support, we recognize staff from Performance Based Academy:

Mrs. Tammy Christie serves as a guidance counselor.  Mrs. Christie colleague, Lisa Culver, observed how she demonstrated care and compassion to assist a student who, through no fault of his own, found himself to be homeless.

Mrs. Christie became aware of a student’s unfortunate situation, did a little digging and facilitated his transition to a shelter where he could safely stay.  But that was not all, having worked with him, she was also aware of his aspiration to graduate and pursue a career in the Army. Therefore, Mrs. Christie reached out to a contact in the military.  Fast forward:  The young man has since graduated and entered basic training to start his career in the United States Army.

Ms. Angella Robinson, 4th Grade Teacher at St. Lucie Elementary:

One of Ms. Robinson’s student’s parents shared that her child is an exceptional education student who has struggled in school, but not this year. In a memo to the District, she stated:  Ms. Robinson calls and texts me daily or weekly to let me know how my child is doing. She takes her by her side in her small groups and makes sure she understands the lesson before coming home with homework. In the past, my child could not do her homework independently because she did not understand. Mrs. Robinson has been a game changer for my child who now makes the honor roll and is happy to come to school. She feels proud that she is able to complete her work. Ms. Robinson gives that motherly love that every child needs to learn and grow; I can truly say that she is the best teacher my child has ever had.