April Recognized As Autism Awareness Month

A presentation was given by Mr. Bill Tomlinson, Executive Director for Student Services & ESE, at the school board meeting on April 28th recognizing April as Autism Awareness Month. He thanked Mr. Robert Cranmer and his staff for organizing the walk for Autism Speaks with such a great success. Karen Kozak, from the Fire District, spoke of their work with the children to interact with the firefighters and the fire truck. They also taught children about calling 911 and fire prevention, and look forward to their continued support and partnership with St. Lucie Public Schools.

In the featured picture are, Genelle Yost, Esther Muniz-Guzman, Valentina Whyte, Kimberly Willis, Bill Tomlinson, and Dr. Donna Mills.

In the second picture are, Dr. Donna Mills, Karen Kozak, Adam Zuccaro, Pete Villoasuso, Genelle Yost, and Bill Tomlinson.
April Autism Month Firemen