An Investment In Education

President of the Education Foundation, St. Lucie County Thom Jones presented a check to the St. Lucie School Board for $72,000.  This check represents the generous grant awards provided by the Foundation’s Board of Director’s for educational programs in St. Lucie Public Schools.

The St. Lucie County Education Foundation advances K-12 public education in St. Lucie County by increasing the capacity and resources of the district in partnership with key stakeholders.
  • Our local Education Foundation serves as the conduit for private sector investment and community involvement in our public schools.
  • The SLC Education Foundation serves as the primary link between local education and regional, statewide and national donors.
  • The SLC Education Foundation leverages these relationships for the benefit of local education, creating partnerships with businesses and organizations that impact students in the classroom and strengthen cooperation between the private sector and our public schools.


Author: Lydia Martin

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