Allapattah Flats students share in instruction duties

Students Myron Varn’s eighth grade American History classes just completed a Student Teaching Module (STM) which divided the class into five groups, each responsible for  part of a chapter covering the inventions and early industry from 1740-1790.  They planned lessons to include learning goals and assessments.  Some lessons were as intricate as PowerPoint slide shows with a Jeopardy quiz. Others were as simple as choral reading and questioning.  When asked to reflect, the groups that had the more complex lessons said that they learned more about their subject, but that it took a lot more time to put together.  Groups that had the simplest lessons said that although choral reading was easy to set up and do, it wasn’t much fun.  They all  pooled the questions that they thought were most important into a review and ending assessment.  Many students want to do this again, saying they learned more through preparation. Pictured, from left, are Conner Hay, Joseph Furman, and Javier Rosado.