A Recount of “What I Did This Summer” Turns Heroic in One Bayshore Elementary Classroom

ST. LUCIE COUNTY – St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) Superintendent E. Wayne Gent posed the question to students in Mrs. Myers’ 3rd grade Bayshore Elementary School classroom, “What did you do this summer?” What he heard from eight-year-old Christine Regina was a heroic recount of this young student’s quick thinking that helped save a young boy from drowning.

With calm and quiet self-assurance, Regina explained to the Superintendent and her classmates what occurred on a summer day in June while visiting her grandparents in Margate, Florida.  During an under-water exploration of the city’s swimming pool, Regina noticed a boy at the bottom of the pool. “He wasn’t moving, and he looked like he needed someone to help him,” she said.  Looking for support, Regina swam to the nearest person, a teenage girl, who was able to pull the boy from the bottom of the pool and take him to the pool’s side where lifeguards then resuscitated him.  “It made me feel good to know I helped someone,” said Regina.

That does not come as a surprise to Principal Lori Reid who said, “That’s Christine Regina. She is such a great student — always interested in determining how she can provide service to others. I would describe her as an incredibly kind-hearted young lady.” Regina’s classmate echoed that sentiment, as she told the Superintendent that the next book the class reads should be a book entitled, Christine Saves the World.

Regina and her companion good Samaritan were heroes that day in June.  They were both recognized by the city of Margate for their quick action that led to saving the life of a six-year-old boy.

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Christine Regina, a third grader at Bayshore Elementary, proves that you are never too young to be a hero as she tells Superintendent E. Wayne Gent about her quick thinking and positive action that helped save a young life this summer.





Author: Lydia Martin

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