A Memory, A Moment, An Inspiration: One Teacher Inspires FPC through Photography

Steven Shotola may be a science teacher, but he has an eye for photography and the heart for inspiration. Each week he carefully selects an uplifting image to share with his Cobra Family at Fort Pierce Central High School. “I have been very grateful that our Principal Ms. Miller-Buchanan allows me to post an email “Photo of the Week” to the staff. I have realized over the years that maintaining a positive attitude towards teaching, no matter what the challenges are, is the key to building positive relationships and the key to constant school improvement” Mr. Shotola remarks. Both avid photographer and reader of nonfiction literature, Mr. Shotola creates dynamic and powerful combinations of nature or school-based photographs with powerful quotes. Each snapshot more unique than the next, Mr. Shotola draws from memorable moments, both visually and through text that share statements brightening the Friday morning of many staff members. Perhaps it gives them the extra boost needed to finish the week in a positive and energized way. The ripple effect continues as staff members contribute photos to a contest in which donated t-shirts and coffee cups are awarded to the winners. “It has an enjoyable challenge to match a quote and photo each week and the positive feedback I receive is what continues to drive me to do it” Mr. Shotola pledges. His Cobra Family hopes he continues this tradition as well.  Feel inspired? Start your own Photo of the Week at your school site!


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