9-11 Presentation at Port St. Lucie High School

On September 11, 2014 in the Port St. Lucie High School Auditorium, Deputy Rosario gave a very powerful lecture on his personal experiences on that dreadful day in New York when the Twin Towers toppled to the ground.  The presentation began with a student who sang God Bless America and led in the Pledge of Allegience. The JROTC posted the colors. Deputy Rosario spoke about his personal experiences and how many of the first responders came to support the situation with disregard to their own safety, while helping others. He also shared a power point presentation. “This was the best presentation that I have ever seen on 9-11,” stated Ronald Frazier, Teacher Leader & Adjunct Professor IRSC Dual Enrollment PSLH.
Deputy Rosario read a quote from George S. Patton in commemoration to 9-11. Paraphased:  America was down, but America will bounce back.