30th Annual St. Lucie County Regional Science and Engineering Fair-STEM Competition Slated for…

ST. LUCIE COUNTY – So, just how can you build a better mouse trap? Or how do you transform wastewater into purified drinking water for pennies per gallon? Come see for yourself as innovation and creation are on display at this year’s 30th annual St. Lucie County Regional Science and Engineering Fair – STEM Competition that is slated for Friday, February 8 and 9 at IRSC’s Kight Center in Fort Pierce.


The public is invited to view projects on Thursday, February 8.  Doors to the event are open from 8 AM to 4 PM.  Distinguished judges from area municipalities, research centers, and community organizations will speak to students about their projects and discern award status on Friday, February 9.


According to Paul Reif long-time event coordinator for St. Lucie Public Schools, the first place award winners in each category will move to the state level competition in March.  From there, top finishers have the opportunity to compete at the international level with thousands of other inquisitive-minded students.  Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair is scheduled for May and will take place in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. “Our students are wonderfully self-motivated.  Some began working on this year’s project at the close of last year’s STEM Fair.  Each year we have students bringing forth projects worthy of International attention, and I am certain that this year will be no different,” said Reif.


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Author: Lydia Martin

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