2024 District Social Studies Fairs

Students across the county researched historical topics and public policy issues in their secondary social studies classrooms.  Schools selected their top projects to advance to the district competitions to represent their schools.  February 23rd was the 32nd annual History Day fair in which 93 middle and high school students were invited to the district office to showcase a historical research project.  Their topics aligned with this year’s national theme of Turning Points in History and were displayed in either an exhibit, website, documentary, performance, or research paper format.  On March 8th, 59 middle school Civics students were invited to the district office to showcase their research on an issue within their community and their ideas for a public policy solution and action plan at our 14th annual Project Citizen District Showcase.  Educators, SLPS Board Members, and community/education partners came together to provide feedback to the students.  Together they selected the top projects that met the depth and goals of the rubrics to invite those students to advance to the state-level competitions.  Those participating will represent their district at the state competitions in May.

Author: Kathleen EMS

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