12th & 9th Grade Breakfast: A FPC Tradition

From Outgoing to Incoming: FPC is for Everyone

With open doors and open minds, schools across our district welcomed students this year. Some students are new and some students are returning for the last time. A campus becomes a community–a home away from home, and a family when traditions bring us together while differences fade away. Schools become positive places to join or return when staff usher in students, learn their names, and make them feel comfortable. FPC goes farther.

The 12th and 9th grade breakfast is an annual tradition that makes Cobra Nation unique. Taking time to form new friendships, connect over mutual interests, and bond over breakfast are just a few of the Cobra traditions shared at this event. From incoming to outgoing students, Cobras know that they are welcome, feel wanted, and find their place among peers and new friends.


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