Ziemba Named Innovative Leader in Distance Learning

Jeanne Ziemba, principal of St. Lucie Public School’s (SLPS) Mosaic Digital Academy, will attend this year’s Florida Distance Learning Association (FDLA) annual conference on September 15th as an honoree for the Innovative Leader in Distance Learning: K-12 award.  Chief Academic Officer Dr. Helen Wild explained that this award is established to recognize excellence and innovation in using technology to enhance teaching and learning. “We’re so excited for her,” said Wild. “Mrs. Ziemba has been the driving force with the vision behind Mosaic since its inception five years ago; she’s deserving of this award.”

Mosaic Digital Academy is a K-12 virtual school that provides a progressive choice for families, providing expanded curriculum choice for anytime, anywhere learning.  “What really makes this learning model attractive to our students and families is how our program engages students by enhancing learning through a variety of virtual and live experiences to support the whole child and preparing them to work cooperatively with others through lab experiences and collaboration projects,” said Ziemba. “Unlike other virtual schools, we offer face-to-face opportunities for our students to participate in school clubs, experience fieldtrips and partake in live lessons on campus with our own highly qualified instructors, to ensure learning goals are met for every student.”

According to FDLA, recipients of this award must be a full-time member of a K-12 or higher education community or institution and demonstrate an innovative project or process involving collaboration with other institutions that improves students’ understanding of any subject matter. In addition, the role of technology, related scholarship evidence, publications, presentations and grants are also considerations.

About St. Lucie Public Schools

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Author: Lydia Martin

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