TCHS Participates in Skills USA

Treasure Coast High School’s Criminal Justice and Biotechnology students competed at the SkillsUSA State Conference in Lakeland, Florida.  Students pictured, competed in a range of events from Career Pathways Showcase (Science and Public Safety) to Community Service.

Students competing in Community Service, designed a fun way for everyone to get involved in a recycling program.  The group had a problem and came up with a solution that is innovative and good for the environment.  Students in Criminal Justice, Law and Public Safety developed a Crime Prevention Program.  The students addressed the problem within our community involving at-risk youth and the problem of rising crime rates.   Students in the biotechnology academy showcased how to genetically transform bacteria, with a gene from a jellyfish, to produce a green fluorescent protein. The bacterial transformation method is a well-known procedure that has been used in countless biotechnology products. A great example is the insulin we use today to treat diabetes.

All of these students are applying knowledge gained in the classroom and taking it to the next step through innovation!  Which is a great way for our next generation to be leaders in the classroom and within our community!

Author: Lydia Martin

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