STAR Awards – Exceptional Customer Service

STAR Awards

St. Lucie Public Schools recognizes its team members for exceptional customer service each month. T his month’s recipients were:

West Gate K – 8 Team (Jennifer Harris, Ron Noble, Dana Buehrig, Christopher Calvo, Natalie Collis, Sean McInerney, and Andrea Malin): With approximately 600 students being picked up daily, this team has implemented a safe and organized pan to ensure that all students get to their parents’ cars safely – rain or shine.

Finance Team (Barbara Audette as a representative for the Payroll Department): With an eye toward the needs of the SLPS staff during the recent weather event in which circumstances were unknown about storm direction and impact to SLPS, she and her team facilitated the early release of payroll on Friday instead of Monday to support employees in their preparation for the potential threat to our coast.

District Maintenance Team (George Despinos): This gentleman is a caring and dedicated electrician. He was heralded by the principal of Oak Hammock K-8.  She said, “While walking the campus on Thursday, I came across a large area of ceiling tiles and framing that were missing causing a hole above a teacher’s door.  George Despinos was on campus and he assisted in getting this area fixed prior to our parents arriving for Open House.  He and his co-worker did a wonderful job, and the teachers truly appreciated his attention to detail and the timeliness of his support.”

Transportation Team (LaTonya Hubbard): Mrs. Hubbard serves as a bus driver. As one of the first individuals a child sees before school starts and one of the last individuals a child sees after the school day closes, Mrs. Hubbard’s compassion and caring support for students in her charge are wonderful bookends to a child’s day. She is very customer friendly. Her introductory and update phone calls to parents are greatly appreciated. In fact, an informative phone call to the parent of a first-time Kindergarten bus rider relieved apprehension and set the tone for a positive year.

District Volunteer Team (Carol Andor): Mr. Andor has been a volunteer at Mariposa Elementary for five years and was named Mariposa’s outstanding volunteer in 2013-14. He is the chairperson for the SAC Committee and treasurer for PTO. He is an involved volunteer whose mission it is to enhance the welcoming environment for parents at Mariposa. He has painted and built tables for the Parent Resource Room, has helped paint the media center, and painted the front office. Now, he is presently building bulletin boards for the front office and cafeteria. He is ever-present with fundraisers and school-based activities and never forgets to honor the faculty and staff with his attention.

STAR Award Sept 8, 2015

Dept Recognition Sept 8, 2015




Author: Lydia Martin

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