St. Lucie Public Schools Delays Start of School Year

St. Lucie Public Schools is delaying the start of the school year by two weeks. The first day of school for students will be on August 24, 2020.

Superintendent E. Wayne Gent commented, “The additional two weeks gives time for the conditions in the county to improve and additional time for staff to finalize preparations for the school year. Our number one priority is to return to school safely.”

Several factors contributed to the decision to delay the start of school.  The additional two weeks allows more time:

  • For the establishment of general protocols for the safe reopening of schools including safeguards for school campuses and classrooms.
  • For the delivery of PPE equipment and supplies and school signage.
  • For staff professional development on virtual instruction, curricular resources, and health/safety guidelines.
  • For schools to complete the complex process of scheduling students, including interventions and support for students with special needs.
  • For the deployment of laptops for students who are enrolling in option 2, “MySchool Online.”
  • For the routing of school buses to reduce student ridership on any given route.
  • To fill instructional vacancies.

The school district is working on a revised calendar to accommodate the delayed start of school.

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Author: Lydia Martin

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