Southport Middle sixth graders learn how to study culture

Dielma Eusibeo-Zuvich’s sixth grade students learned how to study culture by identifying the Eight Elements of Culture, Religion, Economy, Government, History, Beliefs /Practices, Art, Social Groups (religion, social classes, education, and sports), and Communication.  Culture is a way of life which people learn from their parents and ancestors.  The students’ project identified the culture of a country of their choice. This project taught the students how culture members adapt to their environment, economic activities, the purpose of social groups, and the values and beliefs influence individual and group behavior. Students who participated are Briana Chavez, Alejandro Echeverri, Kyle Gastgeber, Lisa Guan, Brandon McDonald, Alaura McGonnell, Yanira Rivera, Allison Schrameck, Conner Smith, Sydney Starnes and Quinn Tucker.