SOMS Tri-M Students Road Clean-Up

The Southern Oaks Middle School’s Tri-M Music Honor Society has been busy with a road clean-up and sponsoring the band’s “Coin Wars.” Tri-M students walked 1/4 mile on St. James picking up trash, then carefully crossing the street and cleaning up our campus. We collected 7 bags of trash, everything from old broken pens and pencils, used batteries, to pieces of cars, broken bottles and unmentionables. It is a very rewarding, yet safe, experience for the students.

Nancy Stone and Elizabeth Carrasco


As for the “Coin Wars,” as of this writing, 3rd hour band is in the lead with negative $1.23. This will change. From the educator perspective, it teaches students about money and more importantly about negative numbers. Pennies are positive. Everything else is negative. Each class has its own jug, but all jugs are available to all classes. Students have made plans to sabotage the other classes. There are plans within plans. Their brains are in high gear. It is awesome and a lot of fun! There are some very smart students who want to win the pizza party for their class.  Let the games begin!


Coin Wars Jugs