SLWK8’s Track and Field Team Place in Top Three

St. Lucie West K-8 School’s boys and girls Track & Field members did a phenomenal job Saturday through their efforts, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Both teams placed 3rd overall. The following athletes earned points for their team:
Takyri Andrews- 1st in High Jump
Cora Keester- 5th High Jump
Jayden Wallace- 4th High Jump
Giovani Sotomayor- 3rd Long Jump
Natalie Reed- 6th Shot Put
Mile Medley (Takyri, Keira, Jada, Cora) 4th place. Mile Medley (Elam, Gio, Kam, Raul) 2nd place. Alicia Shanks- 800 5th place
4×100 Relay- (Sophia, Keira, Amy, Natalie) 5th place.
4×100 Relay (Daniel, Titus, Noah, Gio) 4th place. Deneve Salmon- 400 5th place
Ariana Nevarez- 400 8th place
Zaiir Chatmon- 400 8th place
Takyri Andrews- 200 6th place
Elam Abdallah- 200 5th place
4×400 Relay (Natalie, Alicia, Cora, Jada) 2nd place
4×400 Relay (Keith, Titus, Leland, Kam) 3rd place.
Thank you to everyone who came out to support, including Athletic director, Maurice Smith. A special thanks to all the coaches, teachers and staff who make this possible: AJ Mayernik, Mike Volz, Linda Crouse, and Allison Boham. It was a great day to showcase our many talents! WAY TO GO SHARK NATION!

Author: Lorie Monroe

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