SLW Centennial HS NAVY JROTC Has Annual Military Inspection (AMI)

On Thursday, January 31, 2019, the SLW Centennial HS NAVY JROTC had its Annual Military Inspection (AMI).  The Inspecting officer was Commander Patrick Thurman, USN (retired).  CDR Thurman is the Area 7 Manager of the NJROTC program and oversees the NJROTC program for the entire state of Florida and over 60 NJRTOC units.  CDR Thurman was truly impressed with the professionalism and military bearing that the Black Talon Cadets possessed.  The inspection verifies that all NJROTC requirements are being met to include academics, marching and drill, physical fitness and personnel inspection.

The AMI, also known as Navy Day at SLW Centennial High School, is conducted yearly.  The inspection begins with personnel inspections of all the cadets in uniform, followed by a ceremonial Pass-In-Review of the entire company marching in formation in front of the inspecting officer.  The Pass-in-Review is a military tradition that stems from showing proper respect to the senior officer as well as demonstrating the attention to detail and professionalism that our cadets and military members in the armed services train for.  The AMI concludes with a tour of all NJROTC spaces and a Command Brief that details what the unit has accomplished since the last inspection.  The brief is conducted by the NJROTC cadet leadership.