SLPS Receives Highest Rating In Meeting Requirements of the IDEA

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004 (Section 616 (d) requires states to make annual determinations on each school district’s educational agency’s (LEA) performance in meeting the requirements and purposes of the IDEA.  At a minimum, states are required to implement a determination process that considers performance on State Performance Plan compliance indicators, data integrity, uncorrected noncompliance issues and relevant state audit findings.  Each LEA must be assigned to one of the four categories:
  • Meets Requirements
  • Needs Assistance
  • Needs Intervention
  • Needs Substantial Intervention
We are proud to report that St. Lucie Public Schools received a “Meets Requirements” designation for the 19/20 school year.   This is a testament to the wonderful work of our administrators, teachers, support staff and district personnel who work continuously to ensure quality programming and services for students with disabilities.  Congratulations to everyone!

Author: Lydia Martin

Staff - (Changed 4/20/2023 8:56:31 PM)