SLPS Medici Project

Teachers Katie Avra, Desiree Miller, Susan Wessel, and Cary Schott, are pictured with A.E. Backus Gallery Director J. Marhsall Adams. The teachers are learning about the works of A.E. Backus as well as learning how to use¬†digital software to manipulate and teach¬†Art elements incorporating the artist’s work.

What is the SLPS Medici Project?

~Enhancing the practice of artist educators and student achievement through the Arts and Sciences.
~A professional development initiative supporting the natural integration of Arts and Science.
***The Medici family was the greatest supporter of Arts and Sciences during the Renaissance.
  • An innovative, strong, standards-based professional development program.
  • Arts educators will participate in training that will develop their ability to effectively plan, lead, and evaluate quality arts integration.
  • Project includes training on arts integration, targeting science.
  • Ongoing community of professional development through collaboration and peer-support.
  • SLPS Medici Project will cultivate a community of Arts educator aspiring to be masters of their craft and leaders in their school community.
  • Arts and Science integration is the thread by which we will begin to integrate creativity into the core curriculum and to collect data.
  • This project will include 45 educators from 33 schools.
  • ALL SLPS Arts educators will benefit from Medici Project Conferences and Training.

Areas of Focus

  • Developing Arts Educators as Subject-Area Experts
  • Integrating Arts and Science
  • Developing Teachers as Sustained, Career-engaged Learners
  • Creating Collaborative Culture & Community for Arts Educators