School District Staff Invited to Present at National Math Expo

ST. LUCIE COUNTY – The National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) conference will boast a slate of St. Lucie Public School teachers as speakers.  Instructional support specialists Liz Pruitt, Jason Bragg, and Chris Worley have been invited to present at the 2016 NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Francisco, California.  Superintendent E. Wayne Gent commented on the fact that this is yet another testament to the rich talent we have in our school district to support quality instruction for our students.

The team will present to teachers from across the United States on “Leveraging the Standards of Mathematical Practices (SMPs) through Reciprocal Teaching.”   According to Liz Pruitt, mathematics curriculum lead teacher for the District and lead speaker, “This is an exciting topic. Reading strategies in math are not uncommon, but we are going to dive deep into reciprocal teaching methods that will serve as additional supports to increase student thinking in the math classroom. We will focus on how instructors can create student-led discussion groups that seamlessly embed the SMPs into the four strategies common to reciprocal teaching.”  She explained that the strategies include summarizing, questioning, clarifying, and predicting.

Mathematics professional educators flock to this conference annually.  This year’s event anticipates a capacity crowd of 9,000.  In addition to the quality breakout sessions, professional educators have the important opportunity to collaborate, extend their network of colleagues, and stay abreast of high impact instructional practices.

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Author: Lydia Martin

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