Savanna Ridge students enjoy unique partnership with Keiser University students

Students from Keiser University came to Savanna Ridge Elementary last week to read to students in Penny LaCorte’s classroom as part of a partnership between the school and Keiser as an ongoing support system. The 15 Keiser students had a unique assignment for their Speech/Communication class — to create a short children’s story and practice their public speaking skills by sharing their work to a group of students. The Keiser students supported the primary classrooms during the reading block. They shared their stories during read aloud time and served as “live” centers to work with students in small groups. Savanna Ridge students loved listening to the creative stories that the visitors had to share. The Keiser students were nervous at first but as they met the anxious children they felt excited and overwhelmed with love. It was hard to tell who was more appreciative, the Keiser students or the Savanna Ridge students! What an excellent way to learn and grow from each other!