Savanna Ridge students earn rewards for reaching reading goals

Second grade students at Savanna Ridge Elementary School in Kristi Collins’ classroom who reach their reading goals earned dog tags to show how many points they earned on Scholastic Reading Counts. The students are given the opportunity to read and take assessments online to show their progress. Each time students take the assessment, they earn more points and are awarded the next level dog tag. The points start at 25 and go up to 250. Many students are at the 100 point level and some have even reached the max of 250! The students look forward to getting the dog tags and having their picture taken. The incentive keeps them motivated and makes them accountable for their goals. Front row, from left, Eric Singh, Lynette Rice, Juan Pablo Pelaez Zamudio, and Landon Hamilton. Back row, from left, are Monica Ponce, Gabriel Torres, Jerimiah Brinson, Isaiah Ruiz, Nathan Kush, James Richard, and Trever Lynch.