Savanna Ridge Elementary students learn to be writing wizards

The “Writing Wizard” James Dean recently helped prepare students at Savanna Ridge Elementary School for the annual FCAT Writes standardized test. Dean, a representative from Thinking Maps, has been diligently working with the teachers and students in preparation for the writing test. The day consisted of students creating magic wands, wizard hats, and hearing a presentation to help reinforce the material they learned for the test. The students rotated through stations where they used their wands to “zap” out irrelevant information, became writing wizards on how to use clear and precise language, created thinking maps on helpful writing hints, and used their magic wands to create thank you notes and good luck cards to their peers and teachers. The students enjoyed having the visitors and were enthusiastic and prepared for the FCAT Writes! Pictured is Principal LaTanya Greene with students celebrating in one of the stations.