Project Citizen entries judged at Palm Pointe

Judges listen to Palm Pointe Educational Research seventh grade students as they present their Project Citizen reports.  Project Citizen is a student led class project in which students select a problem in the community and create a public policy addressing it.  Students select the problem as a class, research it, come up with two or three solutions, select the solution that best solves the public policy issue and develop an action plan to make their idea become a reality.  The top three projects selected by the judges to move on to the district Project Citizen showcase are: “No Homework, No Stress, No Problem” by Team Apollo, “Boot the Recruit of Gangs” by Team Columbia and “Tossing Salad into Schools” by Team Columbia.  Pictured are judges, from left,  Assistant Principal Alex Oge from Pt. St. Lucie High School, Palm Pointe teacher Amanda Shaffer,  Dan McCarty Assistant Principal Rebecca Goodman, and Zaid Iqbal from business partner Wells Fargo.