Pre-Kindergarten at Mariposa Elementary is Building Sentences

At Mariposa Elementary, Mrs. Bonilla’s Pre-Kindergarten class answered the following focus question during literacy centers: How do we build sentences?

The students spoke about sentences being made up of words and how some can be short, and some can be long. Students were shown a photograph where they needed to use vocabulary to explain what was happening in the photo. Afterwards as a team, they would agree on a sentence and Mrs. Bonilla would then write each word on a post it. Each child would then put a “post it” on a building block. The blocks represented each word. The students then read the sentence out loud, and Mrs. Bonilla also had them mix the blocks around and had them determine whether the sentence still made sense. Melody Kinder, Nia Johnson, and Isabella Chave built their sentence to say “The mom and daughter are planting the flowers.” While Liam Bailey, Louis Toth, Julani Hernandez, and Thatcher Hettema built their sentence to say “Two girls are growing flowers.”


It was a lot of fun and great strides were made during literacy.


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