Operation Stoplifting at Southport Middle School

Students from each Social Studies class at Southport Middle School were invited to a visit the media center for a presentation by the Port Saint Lucie Police Department for a program initiative called Operation Stoplifting. The program led by Stacy Paton, Crime Prevention Specialist for the PSLPD, and Officer Frank Borges who updated students on the hazards of shoplifting. Students learned about the technical camera systems that are now in retail stores and spent time discussing the consequences of shoplifting.  Ms. Paton showed students examples of job, college and  military applications, and the reality of background checks. The children learned that once you have a criminal record you may not be eligible to attend certain colleges, military or any number of jobs.  All students received a Stoplifting Pledge where they pledge not to commit retail theft. Pictured here are Southport students, Christian Oravec, Dan Nguyen, Aivi Lang, Kanesha Gaines, Hannah Angelo-Walker, Zachary Giraldez, along with Crime Prevention Specialist Stacy Paton and Officer Frank Borges.