St. Lucie Public Schools is proud to announce that Morningside Elementary’s (MSE) Odyssey of the Mind Team won first place at the state competition and is advancing to the World Finals competition slated for May 21 – May 26 in Lansing, Michigan. Morningside’s team will convene with approximately 850 other teams for what is deemed to be the largest creative problem-solving competition.

When asked about the school’s team, Principal Kathleen Melrose said, “The students learn more than just engineering and performance arts, they learn to cooperate and work together. They learn to accept and build on each other’s answers to solve for an open-ended solution.”  She went on to explain the value of the process and its inclusion of science, technology, engineering, arts, and, mathematics (STEAM) as well as the role of the coach.  “The students have a great pair of coaches.  They have supported appropriately and motivated this innovative team; but the team is self-reliant.  They completed the required tasks on their own.  Their independence is extremely important.  Adult assistance, or any outside assistance for that matter, will incur penalty points at the tournament.”

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Team Coaches: Karen & Dave Carpenter

Sophia Arias, Brady Young, Mackenzie Carpenter, Jesus Rivera, Gabriele Melo, Jimena Garcia

Problem 5: Opposites Distract 
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Disagreements can distract groups from seeing the bigger picture. Teams will create and present a humorous performance about a sneaky character that distracts others while trying to take control of anything the team wishes. In the performance it will lure others into silly arguments and be successful two times. The arguments will be presented using different dramatic styles and will include attention-getting effects. In the end, the groups will learn that they have been intentionally distracted and will catch the sneaky character before it takes control.